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YuruguYurugu: An Afrikan-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behaviour moves the mask from the European facade and thereby reveals the inner workings of global whyte supremacy: a system which functions to guarantee the control of Europe and her descendants (the few) over the majority of the world’s peoples (the many). It is a devastating critique which uniquely focuses on the intellectual/cognitive rules by which the system of dominance operates: the assumption, ascendance, and valorization of the rational mode.

Dr Marimba Ani exposes the roles of both the academic and Christian establishment in proselytizing as “universal” that which is indeed culturally specific to Europe and which therefore functions in the interest of European dominance, since that is the nature of the asili.

Marimba Ani’s’s Note

According to the Dogon people of Mali, in West Africa, Amma the Creator, ordained that all created beings should be living manifestations of the fundamental universal principle of complementarity or “twinness.” This principle manifests itself as the wholeness which is created when female and male pairs join in all things. Such pairing establishes equilibrium, cooperation, balance, and harmony. Amma therefore equipped each being with twin souls – both female and male – at birth. But in one of these primordial placentas the male soul did not wait for the full gestation period to be born. This male being was known as Yurugu (Ogo), who arrogantly wished to compete with Amma and to create a world better than that which Amma had created. With his fragmented placenta he created Earth; but it could only be imperfect, since he was incomplete, that is born prematurely, without his female twin-soul. Realizing that he was flawed and therefore deficient, Yurugu returned to Amma, seeking his complementary female self. But Amma had given his female soul away. Yurugu, forever incomplete, was doomed to perpetually search for the completeness that could never be his. The Earth, he had defiled in the act of self-creation, was now inhabited by single-souled, impure and incomplete beings like himself. Yurugu descendants, all eternally deficient, originated in an incestuous act, since he had procreated with his own placenta, the representation of his mother.

Praise for Yurugu

“In this book, [Marimba Ani] has opened up a Pandora’s box called racism that will not be easily closed by the creators of racism or its victims. What she is saying will have to be seriously considered if the reader of her words is ever to know peace. This is a pioneering and ground breaking work dealing with a neglected aspect of European culture. Most books about Europeans deal mainly with what Europeans think of other people. In this book [Marimba Ani] has analyzed the European influence on the world based on what they think of themselves and how this thought affects most of the world. Without saying it, she has emphasized that for the last 500 years the world has been controlled by a form of European nationalism. They have created a concept called the “cultural other” that has influenced their vision of themselves and other people in their contact with Africans, Asians and people of the Pacific Islands… Europeans destroyed more cultures and civilizations than they built. They have studied people without understanding them and interpreted them without knowing them. [Marimba Ani] in Yurugu asks this revealing question:

What is the relationship between the way in which Europeans conceive of the world and the way in which they relate to majority peoples? Put another way: What is the relationship between the dominant modes of European thought and the dominant modes of their behavior towards others?

In order to understand the new information and revelations in this book, the reader might have to approach it as carefully as the Marimba Ani has. This will be an intellectual experience that has its own reward.” –Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Dr. Marimba Ani has written the first bonified text book from an Afrikan-centered framework which focuses on European consciousness, the European worldview, and its global system of race domination. This book is an original, scholarly comprehensive and thorough analysis which lays out, in systematic detail, the historical development and pattern of European world domination, its core structures and key expressive components. She particularly articulates very clearly the nature of the “European Survival Thrust” in terms of its philosophical core, methodology, basic tactics, expression and consequences. Her book represents the final key to the Afrikan world breaking the death grip of European world domination over Afrikans.

This brilliant and courageous effort on the part of our distinguished Sister Warrior is MUST READING for all Afrikan/Black Studies student and faculty, and all serious minded Afrikans everywhere who are dedicated and committed to rebuilding Afrikan World Order. It will definitely become an essential part of the handbook for Afrikan’s surviving the 21st Century.” –Kobi K. K. Kambon, author of The African Personality in America

Yurugu, Dr. Marimba Ani’s long awaited book, is a defining classic in African-Centered theory. She gives a splendid coverage of indispensable source material in European and African intellectual thought. Marimba Ani is uniquely qualified to explore the nature of the European thought and behavior process from the earliest of European philosophers to the present in an innovative, Afrocentric manner. Definitions, theories, and concept are all reordered under Ani’s thorough eyes. Her juxtaposition of African terms with new insights is clear in discussing African philosophy in an informed manner.” –Dr, Kariamu Welsh Asante, Editor of the Journal of African Dance

Yurugu terms
: The developmental germ/seed of a culture. It is the cultural essence, the ideological core, the matrix of a cultural entity which must be identified in order to makes sense of the collective creations of its members.
: Culturally structured thought. It is the way in which the thought of members of a culture must be patterned if the Asili is to be fulfilled.
: The vital force of a culture, set in motion by the Asili. It is the energy source of the culture; that which gives it its emotional tone and motivate the collective behavior of its members.
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