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You Are by Kwame McPherson

You Are
…the honey in my Cerassie tea
…the Ackee with my Saltfish
…the Rum in my Coke
…the Ganja in my cake, well soaked…
the Hummingbird in my Hibiscus
Touching me here, there
Gently touching everywhere…the ray of sunshine
Smiling that beautiful smile
To say you’re all mine…
Dunn’s River Falls
Flowing, feeling all parts of me
From the bush to the warm Caribbean Sea
Filling my vessel for me to be…
a fine fit female with two bumpsious mounds
A reminder of Jackfruit
Full, firm round
A mouthful at any one time
One part stiff
Yet delicious, tasty like wash – sugar, water and lime…
the rich, green fields of sugar cane
Its sap sweet, tasty rich
Sucking its juices
So much energy for me to gain…the delicious Julie mango
Dripping fluids
Licked by my lips already set
My tongue soft tasting, wet…
Spongy, supple, slushy
Waiting on my banana to make it even more mushy

…my Blue Draws
Covered in banana leaf
Baked in the ground
Like your legs wrapped around
The heat in between so profound

…my Rice and Peas
Spiced in Coconut Milk
skelion, never cooked with cheese
Tasting your lips is like touching my skin to silk

…my marinated jerk
Succulent, flavoured a tasty dish
My stomach never filled like this
My soul now complete
My total, ultimate wish

…my boiled up Cho-cho
Steamed, sexy, scrumptious,
Licking my lips there’s a happy smile
Far from a frown
Because the look of the Cho-cho
Show me what to expect
When we touch the bed
Just me and you

…my Guiness Punch
A warm, soothing drink during lunch
Growing within
I feel your touch the taste making my head spin

…curried chicken back
Moving all the way down
Gently touching my insides
From my neck to my butt crack

…Hot Pepper Pot Soup
Exciting my body, my soul
Your Scotch-bonnet burning like the sun
Capturing my heart, making me whole
Being with you is fun
Like when we’re in the Caribbean or Africa, it juss caan dun!

Kwame McPherson

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