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Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire

Wonderful EtiopiansWonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empires, written over a twenty-five-year period and published in 1926, represents the crowning achievement of Drusilla Dunjee Houston’s literary life. With this work, Houston is remembered as the earliest known and possibly the only African American woman to write a multi-volume study of ancient Africa where she boldly proclaimed in 1926, an African origin of civilization and culture during one of the most turbulent periods for black Americans in American history. Wonderful Ethiopians was written to correct distortions in the historical record of ancient African people and their descendants worldwide.

Our story will deal with the ancient Cushite empire of Ethiopians, that covered three continents and held unbroken sway for three thousand years. We will visit old Ethiopia, where as Herodotus said, “the gods delighted to banquet with the pious inhabitants.” We will study the land and the ancient race. The “Old Race,” will next win our attention, that Petrie found in Egypt of distinct and unique culture, who were the people of the earlier and superior civilization of the first dynasties. Down through this prehistoric vista we see “Happy Araby” with her brilliant primitive culture and her unrivalled literature of later days. On the screen flashes the rich and surpassing culture of old Chaldea, which belonged to the ancient Cushite empire of Ethiopians. Next comes veiled and mysterious India, the scene of charming story and magic fable, with her subtle mysticism and philosophy.” —Drusilla Dunjee Houston 

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