Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization

Nile-Valley-Contribution-to-Civilization“The civilization of Egypt, and of Africa in general, is the most written about and the least understood of all known subjects. This is no an accident or an error in misunderstanding the available information. Except for Egypt, African people have been programmed out of the respectable commentary of history. Europeans have claimed the non-African creation of Egypt in order to downgrade the position of African people in world history. They have laid the foundation of what they call Western Civilization on a structure that the Western mind did not create. In doing so, they have used no logic.”

Tony Browder’s book, Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization, is about correcting some of these misconceptions so the readers, in fact, can be introduced to a Nile Valley Civilization in order to understand its role as the parent of future civilizations. In his book, Browder has associated himself with some top-level academic company. He is both a teacher and a learner. In both cases he has done well.” –from, the Introduction, Dr. John Henrik Clarke

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