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November 27, 2021
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William Tucker: The first African American child

“Out under the moon and the stars, alone with his son…he walked to the edge of the village, lifted his baby up with his face to the heavens, and said softly, “Fend kiling dorong leh warrata ka iteh tee.” (Behold – the only thing greater than yourself.)” ~from, Roots by Alex Haley

On this day in 1624, the first recorded birth of a Black child in the continental United States occurred, in the Cathedral Parish Archives in St. Augustine, Florida.

Two of the first Africans to be brought to North America in 1619 were simply known as Anthony and Isabella. They were married and in 1624 gave birth to the first Black child born in English America naming him William Tucker. William Tucker was baptized on January 3, 1624, in Jamestown, Virginia.

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