“I hope it warms the heart of those who see them and know that beauty still exists in life we just sometimes choose not to see it. Children live a life worth living and that’s what we ought to do: live, love, laugh.”

Born in Jamaica, Adrian McDonald is a wedding photographer by trade who has received a new found fame for his beautifully innocent photos of his neighborhood children. McDonald lives next door to a large extended family in a the rural Jamaican parish of Westmoreland. While photographing plants and animals outside his house, he heard his neighbors’ kids laughing as they played on a swing in their backyard.

“They were completely oblivious to my existence, just in their own little world living as if life is nothing but utter bliss,” the photographer told The Huffington Post. “There was something about it that filled my soul with an everlasting joy.”

With the parents’ permission, McDonald started photographing his neighbors’ kids as they played games like tag and hopscotch, swung from trees, and even sat huddled together, discussing “random topics” on their front lawn. He told The Huffington Post that though a couple of the shots were conceptualized ahead of time, almost all of them are completely candid.

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