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The Art of: Keinyo White

“Everything is revealed to all men as they desire it to be revealed to them,
by their own definitions alone. ” ~
Miyamoto Musashi

Keinyo White Finalist #9 in Real Art DC Contest

Keinyo White is a painter best known for his unique and contemporary take on watercolor and portraiture. White has been working as a professional painter and illustrator for more than 15 years. An honors graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, he is the recipient of numerous awards for his work. Considered an extremely versatile artist, his watercolors, oils, collages, and commissioned works are sought after by collectors, galleries and public institutions both domestic and international.

“To understand the revelations at the core of Keinyo White’s vibrant and extraordinary work is to understand the powerful, shaping influence of isolation. The personal isolation of experiencing life as an African-American man at a time when black culture is struggling to retain its historic strength and unity. The professional isolation of emerging as a black artist in a whyte-dominated modern art world while conquering the immensely difficult art forms of painting and collage. The emotional isolation of a young man who felt compelled to carry the torch of black anger through his twenties only to find that same anger had left him exhausted and creatively limited. White has now evolved from being a young and angry black artist to a master painter with a profound vision of race, hope, triumph and beauty.”

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