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December 6, 2023
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Introduction to Black Studies

intro-to-black-studiesIntroduction to Black Studies by Maulana Karenga, is a unique and highly acclaimed introduction to the discipline of Black/Africana Studies, providing students with an essential intellectual basis for a critical understanding and discussion of the history, scope and fundamental concepts, areas and issues which ground and define the discipline.

The text offers an effective organization which outlines and engages the triple mission of Black/Africana Studies: cultural grounding, academic excellence and social responsibility. Part I explains the history, scope and defining concepts and issues of Black Studies; Part II brings into focus and critical discussion current data in fundamental subject areas or fields of Black Studies, i.e., history, religion, sociology, politics, economics, creative production and psychology; Part III explores current critical social issues in Africana Studies as a way to address the disciplinary stress on social responsibility and engagement and to cultivate and enhance critical and ethical thinking about self, society and the world.

In addition to new data and analyses, this fourth edition also offers new features designed to further facilitate and enhance student comprehension and learning including:

  • Chapter outlines
  • Key terms
  • New review questions
  • Critical thinking questions
  • A comprehensive glossary
  • In-text boxes
  • New section, critical contemporary issues
  • Exam packet upon request

Praise for Introduction to Black Studies

“Maulana Karenga’s Introduction To Black Studies is simply the best text available on the subject. The discussion of the development of the field including Afrocentricity, Black Women’s Studies and multiculturalism is absolutely essential reading.” —Dr. Charles P. Henry, Professor, African American Studies, UC Berkeley and Past President, National Council for Black Studies

“Profound, comprehensive and provocative, the revised version of Introduction to Black Studies demonstrates the kind of intellectual investigation which is essential in establishing major and basic parameters for future research and other scholarly works in Black Studies.” —Dr. Felix Boateng, Director and Professor, Black Education Program, Eastern Washington University

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