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From the Browder File

From-the-Browder-FileFrom The Browder File, is a collection of 22 thought-provoking essays focusing on various aspects of African American history and culture. According to Tony Browder, “absolute knowledge of self is the ultimate objective of life.” Therefore the book was written to challenge the feelings of powerlessness brought about by misinformation which plagues the African-American community. The essays are educative and informative and presented as roadmaps to restore the lost dignity of “blackness.”

From The Browder File is an excellent beginner’s guide to black history.

Praise for From The Browder File

From the Browder File is “must” reading for all African Americans. Essays in this book are not intellectual pontifications. The thought provoking material represents a true labor of love from an African American father, “brother,” scholar and “Hue-Man” being who is unlocking the last remaining vestiges of enslavement – the need for liberation of the melanin mind. Browder’s messages reflect a keen ability to identify key issues and positive actions for change. Essays include discussions on topics such as life style practices that destroy the very essence of existence, subliminal media messages which corrupt mind, body and soul and how current fads and fashion trends affect African Americans. Browder’s critical interpretations of systems of mis-education and mis-information bear witness to his wisdom and continued struggle for truth and righteousness.” –Patricia A. Newton

“In the beginning, there was the word and the word contained the knowledge. Those who were called to share the word were called messengers and their mission was to spread  the truth. Once these messengers accepted their “Calling,” each year of their lives became more productive and had more of an impact on the history of civilization. As they shared more of their knowledge, God bestowed more upon them, until one day, the message they shared rose to a level of power that liberated its disciples and followers. Each messenger is a specialist. Imhotep shared medicine, Hatshepsut shared liberation, Frederick Douglass shared equality, Marcus Garvey shared economics, Martin Luther King shared justice, Dick Gregory shares health and Tony Browder shares knowledge. Once you have heard or read the Tony Browder message, you will recognize and embrace his mission.” –Cathy Hughes

“We are living through a struggle of two forces on this earth, beasts who walk upside down and angels who walk right side up. The beasts that walk upside down in the world, control information and have distorted history. They try to get us to see the world through their distorted ideas and concepts. The beasts walk in darkness and are unable to tune into the light. If you are walking upside down in darkness, tune into the light, read From the Browder Files. The information presented in Tony Browder’s book will help you to walk right side up.” –Dr. Richard King


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