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April 18, 2024
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Stop University of Chichester’s axing of the MRes History of Africa & the African Diaspora

Please sign the petition here.

History Matters, alongside students and friends of Professor Hakim Adi, have launched a campaign following the news that his post at Chichester University is at risk of termination and that all recruitment to the unique Masters by Research (MRes), History of Africa and the African Diaspora has been suspended.

The University’s decision to axe the MRes History of Africa and the African Diaspora is an attack on Black history. Please note that the current students on the MRes are all of African heritage. Please support us and oppose the University of Chichester’s actions by signing this petition

In his own words, watch Professor Adi addressing the crowd at the annual Reparations March in Brixton, London on 1st August 2023.

The Voice newspaper has been covering the campaign. Richard Sudan has written three articles:

University urged to rethink axe for Black professor.

Pressure builds on Chichester University over threat to axe Black professor.

Prof hits back at uni moves to axe him.

To learn more about the campaign to save the MRes in the History of Africa and the African Diaspora, and Professor Hakim Adi’s post at the University of Chichester visit History Matters, by clicking here.

Other articles of interest:

The Struggles of Black and African History in Britain by Malick Dourouré

Whitelash against Black knowledge isn’t only in the US: ask UK Prof Adi by Kehinde Andrews

Backlash as UK university moves to axe flagship African studies course by Nadine White


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