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Kemetic (Ancient-Egyptian) Mystical Wisdom

All the ‘proverbs’ featured below have been taken from, Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment by Muata Ashby. Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was known as “the most spiritual of all Lands.” According to The Book of Coming Forth by Day, “the eternal soul comes to earth to learn certain lessons and to become purified.” Life is a journey because a journey is unknown. “The essence of this Journey,” according to Ashby “is a personal search.” This personal search is one of two paths: the path of passion (which requires many incarnations, births and deaths; and many painful and happy life experiences); and the path of MAAT (Truth, which enables one to accelerate one’s evolution towards perfection).

In Kemet, the creator was known as NETER (God) and NETERU (God’s manifestations).

“That which is the Fundamental Truth, the Substantial Reality is beyond true naming but the Wise men call it The All.”

“Salvation is accomplished through the efforts of the individual. There is no mediator between wo/man and her/his salvation.”

“A sage is someone who loves impersonally, someone who realizes in their deepest heart that there is no reality outside of the supreme nameless NETER.”

“The noblest employment of the mind is the study of its Creator.”

“Follow your heart throughout your life. Do more than is required of you. Spend no more time on daily care than required by your household. When wealth ultimately arrives, follow your heart, for wealth does no good if you are downhearted.”

“Justice is done to they who are loved, punishment to they who do what is hated. Life is given to those who are peaceful, death is given to the criminal.”

“NETER [God] is the father of beings. NETER is the eternal ONE…and infinite and endures forever. NETER is hidden and no man knows NETER’s form. No man has been able to seek out NETER’s likeness. NETER is hidden to Neteru [Gods/Godesses] and men. NETER’s name remains hidden. it is a mystery to his children, men, women, and Neteru. NEYTER’s names are innumerable, manifold and no one knows their number, though NETER can be seen in form and observation of NETER can be made at NETER’s appearance, NETER cannot be understood. NETER cannot be seen with mortal eyes. NETER is invisible and inscrutable to Neteru as men.”

“Men are mortal Neteru [Gods], Neteru are immortal men.”

“Make your self the object of intense study and you will discover NETER.”

“The closer you get to the truth the simpler it is. Truth is not simple except to those who know everything. The wise person who acts with MAAT [Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Order] is free of falsehood and disorder. The law is cold, truth is cold. AUSET is blindfolded because justice is unprejudiced. Truth has the force of emotion behind it. Truth and knowledge produce courage. The law of NETER is the first thing the seeker will find on the way to the truth.”

“Those who live today will die tomorrow, those who die tomorrow will be born again; those who live MAAT will not die.”

“Awake the NETER quality [Godhood] in you to free yourself. Save yourself from the AUSAR path [passion and reincarnation].”

“Conquer the enemy [Ego] because by doing so, NETER may shine forth through the purified Ba [soul] in splendor.”

Nuk pu NETER [I am the Supreme Divinity.
Ba ar pet ar ta [Soul is of heaven, Body belongs to earth].
Nuk uab-k uab ka-k uab ba-k uab sekhem [My mind has pure thoughts, so my soul and life forces are pure].
Nuk ast au neheh ertai-nef tetta [Behold I am the heir of eternity, everlastingness has been given to me].
Sekhem – a em mu ma aua Set [I have gained power in the water as I conquered Set (greed, lust, ignorance).
Rex – a em Ab – sekhem – a em hati -a [I know my heart, I have gained power over my heart].
Un – na uat neb am pet am ta [The power is within me to open all doors in heaven and earth].
Nuk sah em ba – f [I am a spirit, with my soul].

“Oh people of the earth, men and women born and made of the elements, but with the spirit of the Divine within you, rise from your sleep of ignorance. Be sober and thoughtful. Realize that your home is not on the earth but in the Light… Forsake corruption forever. Blend your souls with the Eternal Light.”

The Ab [Heart] is an excellent witness. An ORACLE in everyone.”

“Strive to see with the inner eye, the heart. It sees the reality not subject to emotional or personal error; it sees the essence. Intuition then is the most important quality to develop.”

“Do MAAT that your years upon the earth may be long.”

“The conscience of a human is his or her own NETER [God].”

“The Soul is a Prisoner of its own ignorance. In this condition it is fettered with the chains of ignorance to an existence where it is has no control over its fate in life. The Purpose of Each Virtue is to Remove One Fetter.”

“Harmony is the Union of Opposites.”

“Make your body still. Meditate that you may know truth.”

“Knowledge without action is like hoarding precious metals, a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge is like wealth, intended for use. Those who violate the universal law of USE conflict with natural forces.”

“Master the fire of the back [Life Force], the live-giving fire. few know how to use it and fewer how to master it” (The Life Force was known as Ra-Buto in Kemet. Kundalini in India, Chi in China and Qi or Ki in Japan.)

“To free the spirit, control the senses; the reward will be clear insight.”

“Be circumspect in matters of sexual relations. For in the spirit realm, there is no sex. Sex, is a thing of bodies, not of souls.”

“Mastery of self consists not in abnormal dreams, visions, and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher FORCES against the lower, escaping the pains of the lower by vibrating on the HIGHER.”

“The wickedness of the soul is ignorance, the virtue of the soul is knowledge.”

“Consume pure foods and pure thoughts with pure hands. Adore celestial beings. Become associated with wise ones (sages). Make offering to NETER.”

“One cannot force another to grow beyond their capacity.”

“Maligning others is abhorred by the KA.”

“Everything is a teacher. The study of nature is the first rung on the ladder to greater understanding.”

“The path of immortality is hard and only a few find it. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheathes of substance. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, unconscious and unknowing, to the seed-ground of stars and await a new beginning.”

“Death comes when the purpose of living is fulfilled; death shows what the reason for living was.”

“Grief is natural to the mortal world and is always about you. Pleasure is a guest and visits by invitation. Use well your min and sorrow shall be passed behind you. Be prudent and the visits of joy shall remain long with you.”

“Courage, will, knowledge, and silence are essential qualities for those on the path of perfection.”

“There are two roads traveled by humankind. Those who seek to live MAAT and those who seek to satisfy their animal passion.”

“The body becomes what the foods are, as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are.”

“When opulence and extravagance are a necessity instead of righteousness and truth, society will be governed by greed and injustice.”

“Though all men suffer fated things, those led by their Higher Intellectual, do not endure suffering with the rest.”

“Control your thoughts. Control your actions. Have devotion of purpose. Have faith in your teacher’s ability to lead you along the path of truth. Have faith in your own ability to accept the truth. Have faith in your ability to act with wisdom. Be free from the resentment under the experience of persecution. Be free from resentment under experience of wrong. Learn how to distinguish between right and wrong. Learn to distinguish the real from the unreal.”

“Her name is Health. She is the daughter of Exercise who begot her on temperance. The rose blushes on her cheeks, the sweetness of the morning breathes from her lips; joy tempered with innocence and modesty sparkles in her eyes and from the cheerfulness of her heart she sings as she walks.”

“If you travel on a road made by your own hands each day, you will arrive at the place where you would want to be.”

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