Hitler’s Black Victims

Hitlers-Black-VictimsDrawing on interviews with the Black survivors of Nazi concentration camps and archival research in North America, Europe, and Africa, Hitler’s Black Victims by Clarence Lusane, documents and analyzes the meaning of Nazism’s racial policies towards people of African descent, specifically those born in Germany, England, France, the United States, and Africa, and the impact of that legacy on contemporary race relations in Germany, and more generally, in Europe. The book also specifically addresses the concerns of those surviving Afro-Germans who were victims of Nazism, but have not generally been included in or benefited from the compensation agreements that have been developed in recent years.

Praise for Hitler’s Black Victims

“Clarence Lusane is an excellent and prolific writer and a brilliant thinker. In Hitler’s Black Victims, he turns his laser-like intelligence on yet another timely topic: the experience of the Black people in Nazi Germany. Neither Black history, nor European history, will be the same again.”
–Gerald Horne, author of From the Barrel of a Gun

“In its attention to almost the full span of the black history in Germany [Lusane’s] book comprises the most inclusive study of the black experience to date, bringing together materials hitherto only available in far less accessible publications.” –Humanities and Social Sciences Online

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