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February 29, 2024
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Black-On-Black Violence

Black-on-Black-ViolenceBlack-On-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination by Amos Wilson, represents a distinct milestone in criminology and Afrikan Studies. Its explanatory perspectives on the sociopsychological and politicoeconomic causes of Black-on-Black Violence are exceptionally insightful, incisive and iconoclastic. The Psychodynamics of the Black-on-Black criminal are presented here with a depth and clarity rarely seen before.

The main thesis of this book is that the operational existence of Black-on-Black in the United States is psychologically and economically mandated by the White American-dominated status quo. The criminalization of the Black American male is a psychopolitically engineered process designed to maintain the dependency and relative powerlessness of the Afrikan American and Pan-African communities.

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