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Ancient Future

Ancient Future by Wayne B. Chandler is concerned with the philosophical and scientific axioms engendered by Tehuti/Hermes and their impact on the human race, both past and present. The written work of Tehuti has come to be known as the Hermetic philosophy and is considered by many to be among the most important precepts expressed in the last five thousand years.

Ancient Future comprehensively examines the Hermetic principles of Tehuti, creating a link between antiquity and the future. It has been five thousand years since the great civilizations of China, India, Kush, Southern Arabia, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, and Egypt were eminent. Those laws found in the Hermetic philosophy comprised the scientific, spiritual and moral fabric of these ancient empires, bequeathing to them a wisdom we have yet to discover in our current period. Though these axioms are still evident in fragmented form in many of the historical text left to us, the understanding that constituted the vision of our ancestors is long forgotten.

Thus Ancient Future is an overview of the Hermetic philosophy, a road map to reacquaint all members of the human race with its unremitting challenge. The book is not a story of contributions but a testimony to the people of the first world order…and represents two decades of collection on Hermetic thought.

Praise for Ancient Future

“In Ancient Future, Chandler has blended all his skills and interests to tell a remarkable and original story. Twelve years ago, I was introduced to this promising young scholar who became part of a team working to revise the way African history is told and taught. I am proud to see him finding his unique voice in this work – a vision of hope born through an understanding of the need for unity and peace between the races of man on the brink of a new millennium.” –Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, author of They Came Before Columbus

Ancient Future is a compelling look at our past, present and future. It is a timely book that will help to motivate as well as enlighten all who read it. As a source of information relevant to or current political and spiritual climate, Ancient Future will surely become one of the outstanding books in the years ahead and will stand the test of time.” –Dick Gregory, Activist/Author

“Chandler has presented to the reader an exhaustive study of the Seven hermetic Axiom of Tehuti – ancient knowledge which undergrids the religious and scientific beliefs of modern man. This data is presented not just for an intellectual edification, but as nourishment for souls longing for subsistence in a time of spiritual famine. Read Ancient Future and feast on the wisdom contained within.” –Anthony T. Browder, author of Nile Valley Contribution to Civilizations

Review: Ancient Future

Ancient Future is the unified field theory of ancient history, culture and civilization. Not only does it lend profound insight into the workings of ancient science and philosophy, but it also explains the origins of our current civilization and the dilemma that we find ourselves in. In another way the author Wayne B. Chandler provides us solutions for extracting ourselves from the dilemma of our times. This solution lies in the understanding and application of the 7 Hermetic Laws. Chandler demonstrates that through understanding the 7 Hermetic Laws we are able to understand all phenomena from a scientific perspective and also from the historical, sociological, anthropological and spiritual levels. As Chandler explains Hermes is the ancient Greek name for the ancient Egyptian or Kemetic figure known as Thoth or Tehuti. From the perspective of western civilization, Hermes exists as the foundation of all thought, knowledge, science and philosophy. Chandler points out with much scholarly evidence and compelling arguments that current western civilization is rooted in the African model exemplified in ancient Egypt. He then takes his argument further and demonstrates that indeed world civilization from the Tigris and Euphrates of Sumer and Babylon, to the Indus valley, China, Japan and Mesoamerica have all been profoundly influenced if not fundamentally shaped and created by Blacks who emerged out of Africa or had always inhabited these centers human progress from the beginning of time in these far flung regions of the world.

The scholarship of Wayne B. Chandler is nothing short of breathtaking. The breadth and depth of his research that goes deeply into concepts of quantum physics, biology, metaphysics, astronomy, astrology, religion, spirituality, theology and more are unsurpassed and has created a body of work whose legacy and relevance will endure far beyond our time. It is time that world leaders, politicians, religious leaders, gurus, scholars and the common person read this book and begin to earnestly apply the wisdom of our ancient past. So many scholars, leaders and students simply speak about history, knowledge and information as if it is simply an intellectual exercise. Ancient Future urges and challenges us to understand, apply and live the wisdom in order to truly emancipate ourselves in mind, body and spirit from the illusion of ego and the arrogance of superiority that is slowly destroying us.

Ancient Future is the text in a college course I teach called Ancient Wisdom vs. Modern Science precisely because I want my students to develop independent critical thinking skills and to transform their lives into testaments of self mastery. Ancient Future is an essential tool in that process.” –Yirser Ra Hotep (Elvrid C. Lawrence), Adjunct Professor, DePaul University

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Ronald Grace October 16, 2021 at 05:46

I love the book Ancient Future, I keep my copy handy and often refer to it in various venues. I would like to know more concerning references, not to verify or question Big Brother Chandler, but to gain more insight.


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