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March 3, 2021
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The History of Africa: The Quest For Eternal Harmony

The History of Africa is an authoritative and comprehensive history of Afrika from earliest prehistory to the present day. Asante wrote the history of the entire continent from an Afrocentric perspective, thus producing a highly informative and fascinating book. He provides a wealth of indigenous ideas, concepts, and traditional outlooks that were not addressed by western authors.

The 3rd edition has been updated with information on the recent conflicts in Libya and Sudan, as well as additional content on the experiences and contributions of women. A companion website offers a wealth of supporting resources for each chapter, including new historic maps, primary sources, video and audio clips, and links to sites for further research. See History of Africa companion site.

Meserette Kentake’s note:
Molefi Kete Asante identified as one of the 100 leading thinkers in America, is to contemporary scholarship, what Ahmed Baba was to sixteenth-century scholarship. Like Baba, Asante is simply “The Unique Pearl of His Time.”

Asante has written a mighty and majestic account of Afrika’s history in a way only he could do. He somehow manages to capture the vastness and beauty of Afrika’s history in 426 pages. His historical account is both personal and communal, which is demonstrated in the way he interjects his thoughts within the narrative. One is then not left with an anemic academic rending of Afrika, but a narrative imbued with passion, energy, and spirit. The History of Africa is an evocation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page; as I did when I read his other books, such as African Culture: The Rhythms of Unity; Afrocentricity; Kemet, Afrocentricity and Knowledge; and African Intellectual Heritage. I always learn so much and then some.

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