icarus girl“Wuraola.’ Her grandfather’s voice was serious now. …Two hungry people should never make friends. If they do they eat each other up. It is the same with one person who is hungry and another who is full: they cannot be real, real friends because the hungry one will eat the full one. You understand? …Only two people who are full up can be friends. They don’t want anything from each other except friendship…”“Bisi, how could you now? You know that when you pray, you are heard, if not by God, then by yourself. When you pray, you tell yourself what you truly want, what you really need. And once you know these things, you can do nothing but go after them. Sae you understand?”

Praise of the Leopard (Yoruba)

Gentle hunter
his tail plays on the ground
while he crushes the skull.
Beautiful death
who puts on a spotted robe
when he goes to his victim.
playful killer
whose loving embrace
splits the antelope’s heart.

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