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Profile Of Excellence

Profile of ExcellenceAuthor and motivational speaker Glenford Smith in collaboration with veteran journalist, Ian Boyne have created,  Profile of Excellence: Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement from 25 Years of Interviewing Remarkable People.

The book presents lessons in achieving personal and professional excellence. The lessons are extracted from the lives and stories of the high-achieving entrepreneurs, scholars, celebrities, entertainers, sports superstars, scientists, leaders and other winners interviewed by Boyne, on his award-winning television programme, ‘Profile’.  In his foreword to the book, The Governor-General, His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen, commends ‘Profile’ for “remaining focused on its singular mission of inspiring individual and national self-belief” for over a quarter century. He notes that Jamaica owes Ian Boyne a debt of gratitude for his pioneering work of “positive journalism” in presenting before the nation, models of excellence and self-belief.

Profile of Excellence shares the strategies which Profile’s guests have applied in achieving excellence in their lives and careers. Rather than telling stories about the authors’ lives, the book benefits from Boyne’s decades-long insights from interviewing successful people, and Smith’s extensive research into what makes the great great. This is unlike any other book of its kind ever published in Jamaica by Jamaicans.

Readers will learn the seven foundational pillars of excellence which support the edifice of excellence built by winners in every field. These include obsessive vision, the fuel of excellence; belief, the key to excellence; opportunities, the seed of excellence; strategic planning, the road map to excellence; hard work, the price of excellence; teamwork, the support for excellence; and persistence, the commitment to excellence. Readers will study stories from the lives of ‘Profile’s guests, which explicate these principles and provide practical applications for everyday life.

The three attitudes of excellence conclude the book, which include self-responsibility, discipline and resilience. Exemplars of these attitudes are presented, who have been ‘Profile’ guests. Their lives and stories demonstrate how these attitudes work and how readers can develop these very traits in themselves to replicate the excellence they watch on Profile each week.

Profile of Excellence is more than a book about Ian Boyne and about ‘Profile’. It is an important document showing how one journalist, committed to empowering Jamaicans and Jamaica, has engendered individual and national self-belief for 25 years. It also reveals, in plain language and compelling stories how anyone, no matter where he or she starts in life, can overcome any obstacle to achieve success and pre-eminence by following a proven path of vision, self-belief, discipline and hard work.

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