Introduction to African Civilizations

Introduction to African Civilization“The picture we get today of Africa in past ages from the history taught in our schools is that Africans were savages and that, although Europeans invaded their lands and made slaves of them, they were in a way conferring a great favor on them, since they brought to them the blessings of Christian civilization,” writes John G. Jackson.

With brilliantly objective scholarship, John G. Jackson obliterates that picture and presents one infinitely more rich, colorful, and varied. This book challenges all the standard approaches to African history, from the dawn of prehistory to the resurgent Africa of today. It will challenge the parochial historian, devastate the theoretical pretensions of white supremacists, and expand intellectual horizons. It is a fascinating book to be read and reread by the layman and the scholar for pleasure and knowledge.

Spanning the dawn of prehistory to modern resurgent Africa this book challenges the parochial historian and questions all the standard approaches to African history.

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