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July 5, 2020
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A. Igoni Barrett

From-Caves-of-Rotten-Teeth-A.-Igoni-BarrettThe fourteen stories in From Caves of Rotten Teeth deal with circumstances that reflect the day-to-day existence of modern African life. Although the stories may seem surreal the reader will recognize the truthfulness and realism with which they depict the lives of their characters. The author has an uncanny eye for detail and a deadly accurate, though sometimes satirical, ear. With these stories he has achieved a vision that is both lighthearted and profound.

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Praise for From Caves of Rotten Teeth

“Barrett presents to his readers those points that confound their daily experiences…he opens a visual percept on his society through his many characters and places, creating an atmosphere on the pages of a book that is both an interesting and refreshing read.” –Jumoke Verissimo, Guardian Life

“One of the best short stories I’ve ever read (is) the brilliant A. Igoni Barrett’s story,‘The Phoenix’ . . . Booker Prize look out when this man writes a novel!” –Laura Hird, Writer

You can read From Caves of Rotten Teeth online here.

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