kentake page

“Don’t let our history die.” ~Edward Scobie

Kentake Page is a love affair with Black history.

Founded on Dec 21, 2012 by Meserette Kentake, Kentake Page is devoted to providing Black history stories which celebrate the diversity of the African historical experience both on the continent and in the diaspora. Kentake Page is also a celebration and appreciation of Black authors and artists.  The vision is to bring together history, literature and art under one cyber-umbrella, to make Black/African historical, literary and artistic achievements universally accessible.

Kentake Page is not only dedicated to the people but is also in praise of the Ancestors. For,

“They are the mystery that envelopes our dream.
They are the power that shall unite us.
They are the strange truth of the earth.
They came from the womb of the universe…”

–“In Praise of the Ancestors,” by Mazisi Kunene

You can contact Meserette Kentake at meseretteatkentakepagedotcom