This love is a rich cry over

the deviltries and the death.

A weapon-song. Keep it strong.

Keep it strong.

Keep it logic and magic and lightning and muscle.

Strong hand in strong hand, stride to

the Assault that is promised you (knowing

no armor assaults a pudding or a mush.)

Here is your Wedding Day.

Here is your launch.

Come to your Wedding Song.

For you

I wish the kindness that romps or sorrows along.

Or kneels.

I wish you the daily forgiveness of each other.

For war comes in from the World

and puzzles a darling duet–

tangles tongues,

tears hearts, mashes minds;

there will be the need to forgive.

I wish you jewels of Black love.

Come to your Wedding Song.

“A Black Wedding Song” by Gwendolyn Brooks

Featured image: The Ebony Bridal—Wedding Ceremony in the Cabin by Frank Leslie’s was retrieved from

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